UTC India: NIUA The City We Need Photo Contest 2015

As part of UTC India, the NIUA The City We Need Photo Contest ran from 24th Sept till 8th Oct (2 weeks) on the UTC India online portal. The intention behind the content was to build and document comprehensive and diverse perspectives that celebrate the idea of Inclusiveness In Indian Cities. Key themes for the photo contest were Inclusive Public Spaces, Cultural and Social Resilience, Access to Education, Social Housing and Neighbourhoods, Urban Environments, Inclusive Transportation, and Urban Livelihoods .

A slide-show of the photo-contest entries was displayed after The City We Need Session on the Oct 8th, 2015 at the Gulmohar Hall , IHC, New Delhi. Out of the total entries received by NIUA, 50 entries have been short-listed in the first round. Final deliberations on the contest is ongoing, and the winners shall be announced shortly.

CLICK HERE to view short-listed entries (First round).


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