Workshop on Urban Adaption to Climate Change, 5 September 2014, Beijing, PRC

13Dr. Debjani Ghosh, Manager, SA Urban K-Hub was invited to attend a 1 day workshop on Urban Adaptation to Climate Change-Sharing Knowledge and Experience in Beijing, PRC. The objective of the Workshop was to (1) share international knowledge and expertise on urban adaptation, and (2) discuss the smart way forward to integrate adaptation to climate change into urban development and planning, and (3) discuss and share the methodologies and practice on urban adaptation. The participants included experts and officials on urban development and climate change from central and local government agencies of PRC, representatives from ADB and other development agencies, and representatives from other DMCs and developed countries.

18The workshop discussed among other things, adaptation policies and urban development strategy in South Asia, international experience and strategy on urban adaptation to climate change, incorporating climate change adaptation into urban sector projects and smart way forward on urban adaptation.

China’s new urban development under climate change context was presented and discussed at length and impact of climate change and its responses in key tourism cities in Asia formed one of the key way forwards in facilitating implementation of the adaptation strategy.