Sri Lanka – Strategic Cities Development Project (SCDP)

In order to prepare the urban 600px-GalleAerialView_copysector for an accelerated national development, the Government of Sri Lanka has identified Kandy and Galle as leading cities in the island that need to be developed under the Sri Lanka Strategic Cities Development Project. The Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, being the lead ministry responsible for such developments invited the Uni Consultancy Services, the Consultancy arm of the University of Moratuwa, to prepare a Strategic Development Plan for the Kandy and Galle city regions. The Strategic Cities Development Project commenced in August 2014 and the is in progress.

The objective of this project is to prepare a Strategic Development Plan (SDP) for the Kandy and Galle cities and to evolve Development Guide Plans (DGP) for critical development zones/districts identified under the SDP, and to formulate Strategic Action Projects (SAP) for immediate (within 03 years), midterm (03-10 years) and long term (10-20 years) implementation. All of these plans should have the key development objective of relieving traffic congestion and upgrading downtown services and livability in order to improve and sustain the world Heritage cities of Kandy and Galle. The following are the relevant specific objectives envisaged by the planned development:

Improved infrastructure and other urban services in order to upgrade the livability and enhance the status of the “World Heritage City” to international standards.

Improved efficiency of urban functions

Conserve delicate natural environments and have them integrated into the built spatial structure of the city.

Organized spatial structure of the town with a guided and well managed future growth that will reduce traffic congestion and risk of disaster, and conserve its heritage, and improve livability.