Environmental Sanitation Management Information System – (ESMIS) – User Manual

Environmental Sanitation Management Information System – (ESMIS) – User Manual

Spatial Information Portal for Environment Sanitation Management Information System (ESMIS) is a web-based information management system, through which most of the existing environmental sanitation and development information related to the services provided by the Local Authorities (LAs) are included. Users can login to the system through http://www.tcp.mrt.ac.lk/khub/.

The proposed ESMIS is expected to provide a tri-partied interactive base for the system operators, and activity managers (officials of the LA) and the service receivers (citizens) of the selected LA areas. The information will be provided, retrieved, updated and verified by both the service providers and the receivers.

User manual provides guidance, generally for municipal council officers to use the system at the first stage. By using this system user could gain the updated information while the local authorities may identify the locations that required their service at the first instance.

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