Research and Publications

This section holds various research documents, policy briefs, reports and other knowledge products developed under the K-hub initiative.


Bangladesh’s national centers goal is inclusive, safe and sustainable urban living by improving the overall environment through implementing appropriate fecal sludge management (FSM) services, and improving living conditions in urban slums and low-income communities, through knowledge based integrated development by 2021.
To achieve this, ITN-BUET has developed an institutional and regulatory framework for FSM and is working on an operational business model involving government, NGOs and private sector for sustainable FSM services. In addition, formulating an integrated development approach for urban slums and low-income communities to be implemented in partnership with NGO(s) in a model slum area and recommending updated and improved course curricula on urban planning and sanitation for Bangladesh.Read More..


India’s national centers goal is for the needs of the urban poor to be integrated into policy-making processes.
To achieve this, NIUA is working on a framework for inclusive prosperity at the city level for a few selected cities, advocating the need to design for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment in India, developing a regional database on the demographic and socioeconomic conditions of India and recommendations for an improved Master of Planning curriculum in the country.Read More..


Nepal’s national center goal is to promote risk-resilient urban development in Nepal.
Building urban resilience begins with the collection and management of information on damage and prevailing risks, which was the first focus of study. The second study will support the country’s “building back better” mission by promoting risk-resilient urban land management using the tool of land readjustment (LR) – popularly called ‘land pooling’ in Nepal. National center activities are also aimed towards knowledge building (through research and improvement in urban planning curricula at IOE), application (through policy briefs), and sharing (with the MOUD, partner agencies, K-Hub regional partners, students/faculty of urban planning program at the IOE, and general public through websites and online social media.Read More..

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s national center goal is improved service delivery in the area of environmental sanitation in Moratuwa and Gampaha Municipal Council areas of Sri Lanka by the year 2020.
To achieve this, the Khub established an Environmental Management Information System for municipal councils (MCs) to improve planning and development activities, will develop a user guide for households on sustainable sanitation practices, will further support the MCs with strategic planning capacity support and develop recommendations for an improved Master of Planning curriculum at the Department of Town and Country Planning at the University of Moratuwa.Read More..