RCUK-NIUA Joint Consultation on Urban Research Landscape in India

DSC00506Government of India is currently working towards redesigning the system architecture of Indian cities. This demands a wide range of new knowledge, skills and models. These are also areas addressed by NIUA through the South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub supported by ADB. This provides the right opportunity to discuss the role of research in designing an inclusive, sustainable and prosperous constellation of cities and towns in India.

In its strategic responsibility to catalyse high impact research on Indian cities, NIUA has been in consultation with Research Councils UK (RCUK) India Office. Research Councils UK India Office is the focal point of all the research councils of Government of UK in India. ‘Sustainable cities’ is one of its focal themes. RCUK recently engaged Amaltas Asia to conduct a study on the ‘Sustainable Cities and Rapid Urbanisation-Mapping Institutions, Researchers and Funders in India’. As a way to inform the research institutions and key researchers about the highlights of the study, a joint consultation was organised at NIUA on 15th May 2015.

The key themes discussed were 1) Research in Urban Science and Engineering, 2) Social Science Research on Indian cities and 3) Research Training in Planning Schools and Role of High Impact Research in redefining the System Architecture of Indian Cities.
Some of the key people who participated in the programme were Prof. Jagan Shah (NIUA), Dr.Nafees Meah (RCUK India),  Prof. Phil Williams, Vice-President, RTPI, UK, Dr. Suneeta Singh (Amaltas Asia), Prof. Kala Seetharam Sridhar (ISEC, Bangalore) Prof. Ashok Kumar (SPA, Delhi), Prof.N.Sridharan (SPA, Vijayawada), Prof. Binayak Choudhuri (SPA, Bhopal), Prof. Shrawan Kumar Acharya (JNU, New Delhi), Dr. Marie – Hélène Zérah (Institute of Research for Development, New Delhi), Mr. DTV Raghu Rama Swamy (RICS School of Built Environment, Noida) Ms.Jaya Dhindaw (IISc, Bangalore) and Dr.Rutul Joshi (CEPT, Ahmedabad).