India is working on a framework for inclusive prosperity at the city level for a few selected cities, advocating on the need to plan for innovative on-site sanitation solutions through a knowledge product, a regional database on the demographic and socioeconomic condition of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka and recommendations for an improved Master of Planning curriculum in the country.

  • Emerging evidence from Smart Cities and AMRUT database:
    A tool to address Urban Development Challenges facing Decision Makers
  • Policy brief

  • Exposure Visit Report on Decentralised Wastewater Treatment
    & Faecal Sludge Management.


Roundtables on Dissemination of Knowledge Products

  1. Inform decision makers in at least 20 Smart Cities through a Multi-dimensional Prosperity Index
  2. Emerging evidence from SMART and AMRUT Cities database- A Tool to Address Urban Development Challenges Facing Decision-makers.
At NIUA on 19.05.17
  1. Preparation of a ‘Handbook on Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Module’
  2. Recommendations for an improved Master’s Level Urban Planning Curricula in the national Planning Schools (to respond to the new urban mandate in India.
At NIUA on 22.05.17