Message from the Working Group

The launch of South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub Newsletter “K-Hub Newsletter” fulfills a long standing need for disseminating news and information related to urban development in the South Asia region to different Government entities, development partners, decision makers and a wide range of other stakeholders of the partnering countries. This newsletter will spotlight the multifaceted activities and events of the partnering national centers of South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub located in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. It will highlight major urban issues and development in the urban sector of the partnering countries and serve as a vehicle for promoting fluent dissemination of knowledge to those working in urban sector by showcasing evidence based research in this region conducted by the national centers.

The bi-annual K-Hub Newsletter will have regular sections like “Urban News from South Asia”, “K-Hub Dialogue”, “Featured Article” and “K-Hub News”. It will also have special editions with specific concentration on a particular urban topic. The articles in the newsletter will review different urban policies and urban development projects in the region with respect to its opportunities and challenges. Additionally, by providing general news and announcements in the urban sector, the newsletter will strive to reach out to a wide group of stakeholders and provide more relevant information to professionals within the urban community.

The K-Hub Newsletter will continue to be available online on the South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub website (khub.niua viagra generique en france and can be subscribed on-line through this website. This inaugural issue of the newsletter is the outcome of collaborative efforts of all the National Centres. We thank the team members of the South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub for their hard work and enterprise in producing the inaugural issue of our “K-Hub Newsletter”. Please feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement.


Best Regards,


Paramita Datta Dey

Mahbuboor Rahman Choudhury

Aruna Wickramasinghe

Iswar Man Amatya