Support to Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

NIUA has been assisting, advising and supporting the Ministry in the areas of urban policy reforms and governance, city planning and built environment design and monitoring the progress under various urban flagship missions. The urban research carried out at NIUA has been contributing to Ministry’s vision of creating a template of data driven, inclusive, sustainable and responsive urban development. NIUA has also been providing recommendations to the Ministry and cities across India on different reforms and urban strategies on wide-ranging subject areas such as finance, heritage, data management and mission implementation, river management, building resilience and making cities accessible. NIUA also contributes to forging national and international collaborations and take forward Ministry’s vision and work to different forums. Moreover, the senior research staff and project coordinators at the Institute have been closely involved in preparing mission guidelines, concept notes, reviewing proposals, preparing articles, providing requisite policy inputs, drafting chapters and toolkits, evaluating financial grants & claims etc., besides supporting the Ministry and the office of the Minister with responses to parliament questions on technical aspects, and giving technical inputs for speeches and presentations. Given here are a few of the areas in which NIUA provides support to the Ministry


Projects Supported


Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: A. N. Nanda Kishore  |   Email:

Description: Smartnet is an initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to support the development of cities across India by creating a resource-rich ecosystem of learning, sharing, knowledge dissemination and solutions exchange for city managers and ....Read More

Third Party Audit (TPA) of Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) of Delhi and Mumbai for Ease of Doing Business (EoDB)

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: Anand Sundararaman Iyer  |   Email:

Description: Third Party Audit (TPA) of Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) of Delhi and Mumbai for Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) NIUA has been asked to lead the Third Party Audit of Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) of Delhi and Mumbai. This ....Read More

Integrated Capacity Building Programme

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: Debjani Ghosh  |   Email:

Description: NIUA is the designated strategic partner of the MoHUA in capacity building to provide single window services to the Ministry, States as well as ULBs. The Institute is involved in facilitating the dissemination of information on training modules, docu....Read More

India Smart Cities Fellowship Programme 2020

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: Nabamalika Joardar  |   Email:

Description: The India Smart Cities Fellowship Programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) under the Smart Cities Mission to cultivate youth leadership and usher vibrancy in the design of India’s urban future. National Instit....Read More

National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS)

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: A. N. Nanda Kishore  |   Email:

Description: The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India proposes to build National Urban Innovation Stacks (NUIS) – a collection of digital platforms - together with programmatic support to enable stakeholders across the urban ecosys....Read More

Implementation of Online Building Permission System (OBPS) in North Eastern States

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: A. N. Nanda Kishore  |   Email:

Description: Since 2016, AMRUT Mission focuses on reforms and capacity building of the ULBs. The reforms aim at improving delivery of citizen services, bringing down the cost of delivery, improving financial health, augmenting resources and enhancing transparency....Read More

Climate Centre for Cities

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar  |   Email:

Description: In the context of India’s complex urban challenges and in addition to increasing climate risks, sustained actions ensuring cities prepare for and develop the ability to thrive in a varying climate is crucial. Given the rate of investments which are....Read More

Safaimitra Suraksha Challenge SMS Challenge (Capacity Building)

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person:   |   Email: 

Description: The issue of hazardous entry of persons into sewers and septic tanks and resultant deaths because of such unsafe practices still prevalent among cities and towns. In order to stop this practice, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has l....Read More

CDG - Centre for Digital Governance

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: Kakul Misra  |   Email:

Description: The Centre for Digital Governance (CDG) at NIUA serves as the home for all programs and platforms under the National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS). NUIS is envisioned to act as a digital public good in wide-ranging domains, including e-Governance, ca....Read More

NUGP - National Urban Governance Platform

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: Kakul Misra  |   Email:

Description: The National Urban Digital Mission (NUDM) is offering an open-source national level platform to establish and improve e-governance municipal service delivery across the country namely, the National Urban Governance Platform (NUGP) for the benefit of....Read More

NULP - National Urban Learning Platform

Status: In-Progress  |   Contact Person: Sreenandini Banerjee  |   Email:

Description: The National Urban Learning Platform (NULP) is a program at NIUA, launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA). NULP is envisioned as a means of digitally consolidating key skills and knowledge required by urban stakeholders and maki....Read More

Highlights of 2018-2019

NIUA was accorded the task of conceptualizing, developing and managing Smartnet. In the year 2018, Smartnet was updated with the most recent information on mission cities, along with geotagging of projects. A number of micro websites like CITIIS, India Smart Cities Fellowship, Smart Cities Digital Payments Awards 2018, Technology Challenge - AMRUT MISSION etc. were added on the platform.

A number of workshops have been organized on contemporary as well as futuristic subjects like urban flooding, Aeretropolises, Urban Innovation Hub, Divyang-friendly cities, Heritage Cities, Open Source Data Exchange Platform as a key enabler for Smart Cities etc. The recommendations and key takeaways from these workshops were shared with the Ministry for including them in the policies and programs/sub programs. Deliberations and workshops were organised on behalf of NIUA on themes of Sustainable Financing and Municipal Bonds in Smart Cities/ Urban Local Bodies, Presentation of Memorandum to 15th Finance Commission, Solid Waste Management in Ganga Towns, Urban Flood Resilience, ‘Ease of Living Index’, Association of Water Supply and Sanitation Organisation (AWSSAR) & sub – mission for FSSM and Rejuvenation of Water Bodies etc.

NIUA is the official capacity building partner of the MoHUA, and through the Integrated Capacity Building Programme (ICBP), it has an outreach of more than 4000 towns and cities across the country covered by the national flagship urban missions. Workshops, exposure visits and other capacity development activities on different urban sectors for national, state and city level government officials is a continuous activity at NIUA under its various initiatives. NIUA has built an immense database of best practices from India and across the world, lessons from which are shared in capacity building and stakeholder workshops, and at times NIUA also handholds some cities in mission implementation.

One of the key initiatives was the project on Third Party Audit (TPA) of Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) of Delhi and Mumbai for Ease of Doing Business. The team succeeded in bringing about a major shift towards efficient processes under the OBPAS through its pointed recommendations. Amongst 190 countries, in terms of the Construction Permits indicator, India improved from a rank of 181 to 52 (a rise of 129 positions) as reported in the ‘Doing Business Report, 2019’ released in October 2018.

NIUA also prepared sector frameworks with consultation papers for 8 key urban sectors.

Support to MoHUA, 2018-19