Hitesh VaidyaCharting a New Course for the Future

Tasked with the responsibility of directing India’s urban narrative since its founding in 1976, the National Institute of Urban Affairs has moved from strength to strength. Through its efforts to bridge the vital gap between policy and practice at the three tiers of governance, the Institute has established itself today as India’s premier think tank and a knowledge hub for all issues pertaining to urban development.

Being located within one of the world’s most rapidly urbanizing economies, today NIUA also finds itself at a critical juncture. In light of increasing population densities, massive industrial and economic shifts and amidst the planetary effects of climate change, there is a pressing need to develop new tools and research paradigms that respond to the evolving nature of cities and the needs of their populace.

To this end, NIUA already finds itself treading into new domains, with the development of smart city technologies, decentralised knowledge systems, the mainstreaming of gender and disabilities in policy framework, as well as a greater commitment to fighting the effects of climate change on the local and national scale.

The strength of this Institute undoubtedly lies in its highly motivated professionals assembled from across disciplines: urban planners, economists, architects, geographers, analysts, social scientist, among others. Without their dedication and talent, the work of bringing transformative change across the country would remain a dream. In the years ahead, NIUA in conjunction with its partner institutions would like to leverage the body of collective expertise in sharpening its strategic direction.

Building on its over 40 years of experience, we look forward cooperation from all stakeholders to steer NIUA towards pioneering innovative approaches, that will not only allow Indian cities to meet the challenges of the future, but also thrive through sustainable and inclusive development.